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Lorenzo Mazzieri (SISSA, Italy) "Constant \sigma_k-curvature metrics with isolated singularities"

Aula S01, FME-UPC,  15 h.




Jozsef Farkas (University of Stirling, Scotland) "Steady states in hierararchical structured populations with infinite states at birth"

Matthias Kurzke (Universität Bonn) "Motion of vortices in thin film ferromagnets"

Aula C1/366, Departament de Matemàtiques-UAB,  15 h.



Mar González (MA1) "Estudi d'un model sobre el comportament neuronal" 

Aula S01, FME-UPC,  15 h.




Maria Bruna (OCCAM, Oxford Centre for Collaborative Applied Mathematics) "Steric (excluded volume) effects in diffusion of hard spheres" 

Cyril Imbert (Dauphine Université Paris) "Existence of solutions for a higher order non-local equation appearing in crack dynamics"

Aula S01, FME-UPC,  15 h.




Antonio Córdoba  (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)"Medios porosos: el problema de Muskat en 3D"  (slides)

Auditori, CRM-UAB,  15 h.




José Antonio Carrillo (UAB) "Aggregation Equation: Well-posedness and Finite Time Blow-up"  (slides

Aula C1/028, CRM-UAB,  15 h.



Vicenç Mendez (Departament de Física, UAB) "Mesoscopic models for biological movement: from diffusion to intermittent random walks"    (slides

Aula petita,  CRM-UAB,  15 h.



Joan Verdera (Departament de Matemàtiques, UAB) "Integrals singulars de Calderon-Zygmund i EDP's"   (slides

Aula petita,  CRM-UAB,  15 h.



Francisco Martin  (Universidad de Granada) "Progresos recientes en la teoria de superficies mínimales de R^3"  (slides

Aula 004, FME-UPC,  15 h.



Mihai Bostan (Université de Franche-Comté, Besançon)"Impact of strong magnetic fields on collision mechanism for transport of charged particles"

Aula C1/028, CRM-UAB,  15 h.



Carme Calderer (University of Minnesota) "Anàlisi de les equacions acoplades de l'elasticitat no lineal i de Nerns-Planck amb aplicacions biomèdiques"  (slides

 Aula C1/028, CRM-UAB,  15 h.




Pierre Degond  (CNRS, Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse)"Mathematical challenges in the modelling of complex systems in life and social sciences"

Alethea Barbaro (Mathematics Department, UCLA)"Continuum limits for a swarming model" (slides

Aula 102, FME-UPC,  15 h.





Alberto Farina  (Université de Picardie, Jules Verne) "Partially and globally overdetermined elliptic problems"  (slides

Sabine Hittmeir  (Institut für Analysis and Scientific Computing, TU Wien) "Nonlinear diffusion and additional cross-diffusion in the Keller-Segel model"  (slides

Aula 004, FME-UPC,  15 h.



Carlota Cuesta  (ICMAT-CSIC) "Fluid accumulation regions in thin-film flows driven by surface tension and gravity"  (slides

C1/028.CRM-UAB,  15 h.




Marco Discacciati (LACAN, UPC) "Domain decomposition methods for coupling heterogeneous problems"

Andrew Barker (Lousiana State University) "Parallel computing and preconditioning techniques for discontinuous Galerkin methods"

C3b/-102. CRM-UAB  15 h.




Joachim von Below (Université Lille Nord de France, Calais)"Soluciones estables de ecuaciones de reacción-difusión en redes"

Luigi Berselli (Università di Pisa) "On the Boussinesq equation"

Aula 102. FME-UPC,  15 h.