• 13-06-2019.  Joachim von Below (Université du Littoral) "A variational approach to relativistic fluid balls" 15 h. Aula S01. FME-UPC

  • 09-05-2019. Antti Perala (UB) "On the norm of the Bergman projection" and Georgios Sakellaris (UAB) "Green's function for second order elliptic equations with singular lower order coefficients and applications" 15 h. Aula S01. FME-UPC

  • 04-04-2019. Bernard Dacorogna (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) "Darboux theorem, Symplectic factorization and ellipticity" 15 h. Aula S01. FME-UPC

  • 21-03-2018, Aapo Kauranen (UAB) "Optimal conditions for regularity of inverse of a homeomorphism" 15 h. Aula S01. FME-UPC

  • 28-02-2019.  Albert Clop (UAB) "Sobolev flows of Non-Lipschitz Vector Fields" i Stefano Vita (Università di Bologna) "Liouville type theorems and local regularity for degenerate or singular problems", 15 h. Aula S01. FME-UPC

  • 21-02-2019.  Marcello Lucia (City University of New York) "Some results related to Schiffer's Problem" , 15 h. Aula S01. FME-UPC