10:30: Àngel Calsina  (UAB)  "Asymptotic profile in selection-mutation equations: Gauss versus Cauchy distributions"

11:30: Manel Sanchón (UAB)  "Antisymmetry of solutions for some wighted elliptic problems"

12:30:  Maria Aguareles  (UdG)  "Spiral wave solutions of    λ- ω systems"

Edifici P4, Campus Montilivi, UdG





Zaher Hani  (Georgia Institute of technology) "Energy dynamics across scales and wave turbulence in Hamiltonian PDE's"

Jozsef Farkas (University of Stirling) "On structured epidemiological models"

15 h., Aula S04, FME-UPC




Xavier Tolsa  (Dept. Matemàtiques-UAB)  "Fractional Riesz transforms and Wolff's potentials"

Joachim von Below (Université Lille Nord de France, Calais) "All nonconstant stationary solutions for reaction-diffusion-flows on a finite  graph are unstable"

15 h., Aula S01, FME-UPC




Veronica Quitalo (Purdue University, Indiana) "On a long range segregation model"

15 h., Aula S01, FME-UPC




Yannick Sire (Aix Marseille Université) "Extremal of eigenvalues on conformal classes"

Eleonora Cinti  (Università di Bologna) "Flatness of nonlocal phase transition in low dimensions"

15 h., Aula S01, FME-UPC




Yi Fang (University of Science and Technology, Hefei, China)  "Asymptotic behaviour of Palais-Smale sequences associated with fractional Yamabe type problems"

15 h., Aula S01, FME-UPC




14:30. Xavier Cabré (MA1-UPC)  "Curves and surfaces with constant nonlocal mean curvature"

15:40. Carles Barril (Dept. Matemàtiques-UAB) "Sun-Dual formulation applied to a hyperbolic PDE system: dynamics of a bacterial population in a multiscale ecosystem."

14:30 h.,  Aula A2, 1a planta, CRM-UAB.  (HORA I LLOC NO HABITUALS!!!!!!!) 




Marco Fontelos (ICMAT-CSIC) "Drops in an electric field:instabilities, bifurcations and phase field modelling"

15 h., Aula S01, FME-UPC





Azahara de la Torre  (MA1-UPC) "ODE solutions for the fractional Laplacians equations arising in conformal geometry"

Albert Mas  (MA1-UPC)  "Couplings of the Dirac operator with singular potentials on surfaces"

15 h., Aula S01, FME-UPC




Eleonora Cinti  (Università di Bologna)   "Phase Transition in Stein Manifold"

Fernando Charro  (MA1-UPC)   "On a fractional Monge-Ampère operator"

15 h., Aula S01, FME-UPC




Daniele Castorina (Università di Padova)  "Ground States for diffusion Dominated Free Energies with Logarithmic Interaction"

15 h., Aula S01, FME-UPC